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Beach Trip, Eating on Vacay + More

Hello after a week of being MIA!!

This past week was my family's annual beach trip, meaning I was chasing toddlers (my nephews), eating ice cream, sipping on drinks, and tanning in the sun most of the time. I also eased off my typical fitness routine and blog writing in order to relax and just enjoy the time away.

Of course, this sounds ah-mazing! However, anyone who struggles with an eating disorder knows that vacations can sometimes be even more stressful than just staying at home.

Vacation often means relaxing, laying around, eating out, or eating less healthy than you typically would, not going to the gym, maybe drinking more than usual, or sleeping in and taking naps. These things can be extremely uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking for people in all stages of recovery. Just getting out of your normal, structured routine can be a challenge in itself, and actually allowing yourself to take a deep breath and relax - sometimes unheard of!

Recovery aside - even people who haven't or aren't dealing with an eating disorder can feel bloated, unhealthy, and lazy when coming off vacation. It's normal - but it can be a bit of a yucky feeling. I've heard these complaints from many of my friends and family before, and I just don't think it's worth it for us to dwell on these thoughts.

One thing we can do: do your part in ending those negative comments we all make about ourselves. Examples:

"My body is not ready to be in a bathing suit this vacation"

"I ate so much while I was away I think I gained 10 lbs"

"I need to go on a diet after that vacation"

"I can't believe I haven't worked out in a week I'm starting to look awful"

I'm guilty of making these remarks too - but they're doing nothing for you, nothing for your friends who are listening, and nothing for society.

If you're on vacation - allow yourself to really be on vacation.

Don't let your vacation be about how your "bikini body" is this season, or comparing yourself to others when taking your walk along the beach or sitting by the pool.

And I know it seems as though I'm so at peace with food and my confidence now. Sometimes it looks as if I eat whatever the heck I want with no remorse, and the way I write and post on social media sometimes implies that I'm always so happy and eating is easy for me again. I'll let you in on a little secret: that's not always true! Recovery isn't a straight path forward. You don't magically heal one day. And I truly believe that very few people have a perfect relationship with food and their bodies. I know I sure don't! But I also know that being aware of how I feel, my habits and my triggers are extremely helpful to healing.

Overall, I had a great time with my family. I ate delicious food and I am so grateful for that (and still drooling over soft pretzels dipped in Maryland crab dip). But that doesn't mean I didn't have moments of guilt, fear, or regret. I mean seriously - it's hard not to when you're eating donuts, ice cream, chips, and fried food most days! (which are all some of my favorite things but not necessarily the best for ya). One could say that vacation involves a good amount of fear foods. However, I knew this going into it and I had mentally prepped myself. This does not mean I was cutting back on food before going on vacation (that only increasing your chance of binging later on). I was just reminding myself that the week was going to be a bit challenging but also totally worth it and a ton of fun before I dove into it.

What I really tried to do this past week was to order what I wanted off the menu. I am way too talented at picking out the healthy items and forcing myself to order those instead of what I really want (such a weird form of self-torture). But I knew I was at the beach, I knew there was seafood I didn't want to miss out on, and I did my best to go for it. Let me tell ya - this resolution did not disappoint.

The moral of this rant is to remind each of us, as we go on our summer vacations, eat out at restaurants, attend bbq's and gatherings: enjoy.

Don't get caught up in the extra calories, the missed workouts, the bloating you might have from the night before. If you're on vacation - BE on vacation. Don't just arrive at the physical destination but rather allow yourself to have that time mentally and emotionally.

I hope you all had a wonderful week as well. I'm excited to get back to posting this week so let me know if you have any topics you want me to touch on!

For now, here are some of my favorite EATS and DRINKS from this past week:

(I apologize in advance for the crab overload)

Crab and Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips:

From: Ropewalk, Ocean City MD

(the artichoke differentiates it from a lot of other crab dips which I liked!)

Crab BLT Sandwich

From: BJ's On the Water, Ocean City MD

(the crab BLT is genius, plus this was such a good crab cake)

Pain in de Ass Frozen Cocktail

From: Seacrets Jamaica, Ocean City MD

(a must-try if you visit Seacrets! I don't even like rum and this drink hit the spot)

Maryland Crab Dip with Soft Pretzels

From: Tailchasers, Ocean City MD

(Another crab dip, can you tell it's my weakness? This one was just you wanted to lick the dish GOOD. It was also my boyfriend's first Maryland crab dip and he was quite pleased)

Chocolate / Peanut Butter Swirl Frozen Custard with Sprinkles

From: Kohr Bros, Fenwick Island DE

(I was so extra and asked for not only swirl custard but both types of sprinkles as well)

Silver Patron Margarita

From: Seacrets, Ocean City MD

(just a darn good margarita with a beautiful view and if that isn't the definition of vacation I'm not sure what is)

We also grilled out a few nights at the house - cheeseburgers, Hawaiian chicken, chicken breasts with veggies, and had mac n' cheese, fresh fruit, and salads. There was no shortage of delicious food!

Gotta go book my next trip to the shore after looking at these photos again! I highly recommend them all. And if YOU have any Ocean City MD food/drink favorites let me know!



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