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Finding YOUR Fitness

So you want to start on your fitness journey but haven't quite found your groove. Or maybe, you don't even know where to start.

Finding your own fitness routine is definitely a journey and one that typically continues to change with time. My #1 piece of advice is to find a type of movement that you enjoy. Don't go to the gym and spend hours running if you hate running. Don't force yourself through another spin class if you're miserable and dread going.

I find that a good amount of people tend to have the same issue: they practiced a sport/danced all throughout their youth and into high school, and once that ends and they're off to college or into post-school life, they don't know what to do.

I was absolutely part of that group! After dance came to an end, I realized I had never stepped foot in a gym. And after that, it took me a good 3-4 years to figure out how to incorporate movement into my weekly routine, and what type of movement I enjoyed doing. Because we all know, you're 10x more likely to keep doing something if you like it, versus if you hate it.

Fitness does not have to look like 3 miles on the treadmill every day followed by an hour of intense weight lifting. If that's your thing, do your thang (seriously, I applaud you). If it's not, there are SO many other options to get yourself moving and working those muscles!.

My BIGGEST piece of advice for ya'll is to: TRY DIFFERENT THINGS!

This can be intimidating - I know - but putting yourself out there and trying different types of movement, sports, fitness classes, etc. is an awesome way to find your passion.

Through a good, old-fashioned process of elimination, I have learned that sports = NOT my thing (my hand-eye coordination is seriously lacking). But, high-intensity spin classes = my ELEMENT! Running = miserable, but yoga = at peace. It's crazy because I never knew I would like indoor spin until I got dragged to a class by my sister. I also just assumed I would be good at running since the rest of my family seems to be, but I sure as hell did not get those genes.

My fitness routine now is a mash-up of various forms of exercise (and it continues to change and expand). My go-to for any given day during quarantine has been a HIIT workout + a bit of yoga. I also try to incorporate an outdoor walk into my daily routine (if possible) because that added vitamin D is always a bonus! Once everything starts to open back up I'll be excited to get back to Zengo (similar to Soul Cycle), and the gym to do more strength training.

Some of my other favorite forms of movement include kickboxing, strength training, Zumba, and biking.

I went ahead and put together a list of popular/common fitness activities/classes you can try for yourself.

  • CrossFit

  • Barre

  • Dance / Zumba

  • Kickboxing / Boxing

  • Yoga / Hot Yoga

  • Boot Camp style

  • Aerobics

  • Pilates

  • Swimming

  • Core Classes

  • Treadmill interval training

  • HIIT

  • Strength Training

  • Walking

  • Spin

  • Outdoor cycling

  • Trail running/jogging

  • Stretching

Boutique fitness has become a huge thing in recent years so do some research and find out what is popular near you. Checking out what your local gym offers as far as group classes is a great resource as well! And if you are really wanting to get after it, there is always the option of a personal trainer.

Remember: your journey does not and probably won't look identical to anyone else's. Fitness is unique to the individual. All of our bodies are different, and we certainly don't all enjoy the same type of movement. Fitness doesn't have to mean some high-intensity, exhausting workout either. If walking and slow stretching are what your body craves, then that is wonderful. LISTEN to your body, and most importantly don't make this a stressful thing.

happy fitness-ing!


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