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Searching for Sunshine

Lately, I've felt inspired. I'm not sure if its the frenzy around the Coronavirus, the first chapter of "adulting" in my life, the many uncertainties and decisions I find myself facing, or a crazy combination of factors. But whatever the cause, I have felt called to share my story with others.

My story is simple, I am far from perfect and still chugging away on my own journey of life. My ideas and opinions are my own, I am not a doctor or a psychologist. However, the past few years have taught me more than I imagined.

I am 22 years old and have just graduated summa cum laude with a business/economics degree from High Point University. I am excited for the next stage of life, as uncertain as it all is. I never felt as though I completely found my place in undergrad. The past four years haven't been your typical "college experience". I've somehow managed to be everything from a college dropout, to a thriving sorority girl in just a few short years.

I had expectations for college. I had seen what it appeared to be on Facebook, heard stories from older friends, was excited embark on what was known as the best four years.

I thought:

College, the place with academic courses and programs which will (fingers crossed) prepare you for the real world. The place where you get drunk on the weekends (or weeknights) with your best friends. The place where you discover your dream internships, jobs, and exciting opportunities. The place where you find your maid-of-honor, friends that'll last a lifetime, and maybe even your husband.

Nope - didn't happen. None of the above. Yikes. Did I waste my whole undergraduate years? No, not at all. What I've learned (and am still learning) is that college is different for everyone. There is no cookie-cutter journey or perfect story of what college should be like.

The past four years challenged me. Not just academically, but in ways I never expected. What was so challenging you ask?

That is what I want to share with you all.

I will tell you all now that my hardest battle, and one I will work forever to keep away, is my eating disorder. My eating disorder completely dismantled my life, consumed my daily routine, controlled my thoughts, and caused me to reach a dangerously low weight.

Today, I am a healthy weight again. I still fight, I still have good days and bad. But my support system and the sunshine help. I didn't truly begin to escape my eating disorder until I spent time in the sunshine, relaxing at the beach. Hence - my blog's name.

I firmly believe that sunshine can have a powerful effect on people. Yes, basking in the sun can provide a glowing tan, enhance your hair's highlights, and warm your body. But it goes far beyond that. The warmth and sunshine can bring light to your dark, depressing day, give your body the Vitamin D that it craves, and bring a smile to your face. The sunshine is an excuse for a picnic on a warm spring day, a beach day in hot July, a cold drink pressed to your lips, the pumpkin patch in the fall, a jog outdoors, and the list goes on.

Through this outlet, I hope to share rays of sunshine, happiness, and positivity into your life.

If you're currently struggling, I hope I am able to help you see the bright light at the end of your gloomy tunnel.

If you're happy and healthy, I hope I can bring you ideas, motivation, and spark your own creativity.

This blog is in no way only for those with eating disorders. I hope to share my yoga, brands and products, recipes, restaurants, workouts, life-hacks, and many laughs with you all on this journey: searching for sunshine.

#sunshine #warmth #confidence

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