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The F*ck It Diet

Excuse my language, but the F*ck It Diet might be my favorite diet of all time.

The F*ck It Diet is a book written by Caroline Dooner, who firmly believes that "eating should be easy". She follows the concept of intuitive eating and promotes an anti-diet lifestyle. By allowing all foods and eating when you want to, you create a relaxed mindset around food, which then helps eliminate that binging --> not eating (repeat, repeat, repeat) pendulum.

I discovered this self-help (of sorts) book when I was going through my own struggles with eating and getting back on track with food and getting over a lot of mental barriers. I've NEVER had a book speak to me the way this one did. (Seriously guys, I carried it around with me all the time while I was reading it through the first time - I looked like a crazy person). I STILL keep this book right next to my bed for those days when I'm feeling discouraged.

The best part is, this book is for ANYONE! It is not directed towards any eating disorder in particular (or eating disorders in particular at all) and addresses issues that any everyday dieter faces.

Caroline explains why dieting simply DOES NOT work. Raise your hand if you've ever tried a diet and become frustrated by its lack of results (me!). Our bodies are not made to be put on strict diets and all of a sudden thrown off from what they're used to. This is why most diets never seem to work (especially long-term). Caroline does an incredible job of making it easy to understand why our bodies react the way they do and why we have all these mental blocks up that we can't seem to get past.

The book covers topics such as your body's starvation mode (this was very helpful for me as my body worked its way out of starvation and back into health during the early stages of my recovery), emotional eating (because who doesn't catch themselves doing this), binge eating, fatphobia, why we overeat at times, and the fear of losing control around food. These are only a handful of the long list of concepts she covers.

Something I really love about this whole anti-diet mindset is that it is so natural. Our bodies know best! They know when they need fuel when they're full! Think back to your childhood: you probably just ATE! You didn't think twice about it.

I highly HIGHLY recommend anyone (seriously anyone) read this book for themselves. In our world's diet-culture, it is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, trying out that new fad diet that promises to help you get that beach body you've always wanted and attempting to control what you put in your body. This book allows you to stop doing all of that and find peace with your body, your diet, and FOOD!

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This book is a major chance to open up your mind to a NEW and amazing anti-diet mindset. Imagine being able to never try a new diet again and still have a happy and healthy body and mind.


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