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Workin it While Workin It Out

First of all - if you have items in your drawers that do not make you feel good about yourself, TOSS THEM (donate them, sell them on Poshmark, pass them along, etc.).

The goal is to clean your closet/drawers/shelves, keeping only the articles of clothing that make your confidence go up not down. Focus on the items that make you happy to wear, enhance your natural beauty, and that fit properly. Doing this has made such a difference in my everyday confidence. It's also made getting dressed in the morning or before working out MUCH easier! I found that I was trying to wear things that did not fit me properly was ultimately making me feel kinda crappy about myself.

What I've learned: wearing clothes that are too tight, hug you in places you don't like to be hugged, and make you doubt why you ever bought them, is not helping your mental health! So especially when you are working out and zoning in on your body, make sure you're wearing something that is boosting how you feel.

In the past few years, I've slowly expanded my athleisure/athleticwear collection. I have been quite pleased to find a handful of brands that I feel amazing wearing, and wanted to share those with you all! Also - I am the type of person who researches brands before they buy, so any higher price items - I firmly stand by. No brand is perfect each has its flaws and its strengths, so I will also point out those aspects to you all as well.

My list of go-to athletic wear brands:

For the Target Shoppers

JoyLab: Target then search JoyLab

pros: affordable, can pick it up at your local target, comfortable and soft

cons: sizing can be off/a bit funky - I definitely like to try items on before purchasing

I love lounging around in their sports bras because they are so so soft, and usually in calming colors and/or fun patterns. The items are oftentimes made with more jersey-style fabric which makes it so easy to slip on and lay around in/workout in.

Bonus: they have a ton of super fun tie-dye athleisure out right now!

Leggings to Change Your Life: (a classic)


To be specific: the Align Pant II - these pants NEVER fail to make me feel great about myself and just feel like an added layer of skin. Yes - they're a bit pricier than most people are used to paying for a pair of leggings, but I genuinely believe they are worth the investment. I also have found that they are flattering on most anyone - just find a size that fits you best. These are my most worn pair of pants by far.

Lululemon also has incredible customer service and a great return policy. I got a tear along the seam in my old pair of lululemon leggings once (from extreme love, wear and tear), took them into the store, and got a brand new pair free of charge! This makes me feel a whole lot better about dishing over $100. Also, check out the "we made too much" section on their website, items are marked down there.

Knockoff Lululemon

CRZ Yoga

or then search crz yoga

This was an awesome find - dupes for Lululemon for only $16-$30. I've tried the leggings and sports bras and were pleased with both (especially considering the price difference). I found that their sports bras were a bit more similar to Lululemons than the leggings. I 10/10 recommend the sports bras - they're a STEAL! They have styles with varying support, lines, designs, and plenty of colors to choose from. Plus, it is so easy to just click and get them with free shipping from amazon prime!

Overall, most of their items look identical to Lululemon - they have joggers, tops, shorts, etc.

The leggings are definitely more of a wunderlust style pant if you're familiar with Lululemon. They also don't stay up quite as well (not as high waisted), but for the price I definitely recommend!

pictured above: lululemon sports bra paired with crz yoga cropped leggings (hard to tell the difference even in the logo right?!)

For the Avid Gym Goers


I love Gymshark. That is all.

But really, I love how they have branded themselves, I love who they have sponsored, I love their effort to empower others, their focus on strength, OK you get the point - I just love their message.

Gymshark is also more affordable than a lot of nice athletic brands and is still high quality, comfy, and versatile. It has really blown up across the world in the past few years I am excited to see what the future has in store for them.

They offer great options for men and women and usually have a huge sale once or twice a year, which is a great chance to try them out at super low prices.

pros: I feel 100x more badass when I put on a Gymshark set before heading to the gym

cons: quality isn't quite up to par with the higher-end athletic brands, but it's a different price range so it makes sense

pictured: Gymshark flex collection leggings and Gymshark power down sports bra

Yogi's Wanting to Treat Themselves


Beyond Yoga

Both of these options are high-quality, made with amazing care and materials. They're pricier, but if you're willing to splurge I highly recommend one of these brands (especially if you are more yoga or low-impact focused). They are sure to make you feel good and comfy and flatter you in all the right spots. I wish I owned more of these!

Beyond Yoga reminds me of the luxury version of JoyLab - you can just tell it's comfortable by looking at it. They offer a great selection of simple pieces. They aren't flashy and don't advertise their logo all over either which I really like.

Another pro: they offer maternity sizes and extended sizes.

Beyond Yoga works to help each of us feel good in our own skin. This company's mission is awesome and their clothes are staples in any yogi's collection.

Aloyoga is very well known in the yoga community. They offer high-quality clothes for men and women. I find them to be pretty similar to Lululemon in price, styles, and the overall "vibe". I have noticed that their sales are often a bit better than Lululemon.

pros: they are sweatshop-free and eco-aware. Plus, they've formed a strong yoga community.

cons: I will say, I do not love how large "alo" is written on some of their items. I'm not one to flash brands on what I wear, so this is a bit of a turnoff for me.

Sophisticated Fitness


I realized how much I subconsciously loved Athleta when I KEPT asking my friend Sydney (s/o Rusak if you're reading this) where she had gotten certain pieces.

Athleta pieces stand out - even when they are staples. They're different, sophisticated, mature, and very good quality. They do a great job of making pieces that can be dressed up to be everyday attire but are still "athleisure" material.

Some of my favorites from their store are the dresses and rompers! Not many athletic wear brands do this, and I LOVE a good comfy dress. They're perfect for hot days running errands or taking a walk in the neighborhood.

pros: They have the "Athleta Girl" collection for young girls, which I think is awesome! Young girls should feel awesome and confident in what they wear as well.

They also have athletic wear for all sorts of activities - from hiking and tennis to running and lounging. Bonus: their tennis skirts are 10/10 (even if you don't play tennis).

The Sporty Girl or Guy


A classic - most of us have owned something Nike in our lives. I recently went back to some of my old school Nike classics and remembered why they are such a notable brand. They've also really amped up their collections recently, going for a more trendy feel.

I don't think I have to say much about Nike since most of us are probably familiar but don't be afraid to go back to your roots! With all these new brands on the up and up its easy to get overwhelmed! Brands like Nike usually won't let ya down and have great deals!

pictured: back to the basics with NIKE PRO black spandex shorts

** If you're curious about my sizing in any of these brands for reference or if they run small/large I'll gladly relay that info to you!

Happy shopping!!


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